Good Videoreview for GS30 Shadow in Android4All/ReviewsCJ.

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  • Region: Spain
  • Subject: Good Videoreview for GS30 Shadow in Android4All/ReviewsCJ.
  • Media: Android4All/Reviews CJ
  • Date: Feb 2nd , 2015
  • Online URL: here
    (The video got 17,976 views / 1,659 likes / 125 comments)

- Summary
This media makes a very useful review for end-users about our GS30 product.
They talk about the new concept of this model. They explain it very well and show the 2 pcs, one slim NB of 13” + powerful Docking.
They also mention some technical features to let end-users know how is the GS30 Shadow, and finally they conclude the review with their global opinion. The VIDEO review is very understandable for everyone and transmit in a very clearly way the mix concept between the slim and light advantages from the 13" NB + the powerful and high performance of the dock.
They like it very much, they consider a good option and you can have the best for both worlds in one product, GS30.

  • They start explaining and focusing on 13" slim NB.
  • Keyboard. Non num keys. And only white illuminated.
  • Good feeling
  • Rigid touchpad
  • How to connect the NB to the Docking.
  • Incredible Powerful
  • Very good Audio System experience
  • Good option for Gamers, you can have a very powerful desktop + slim and light notebook to take away.