MSI won the award at RealHardTechX for MSI GS60 2QE-202ES Ghost Pro 3K

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  • Region: Spain
  • Subject: MSI won the award at RealHardTechX for MSI GS60 2QE-202ES Ghost Pro 3K
  • Media: RealHardTechX
  • Date: Jan 23th, 2015
  • Link: here
  • Translation: here

- Summary:
This media made a complete review of our product. They introduced the company and the product. Made an unboxing, talked about the interior and exterior design. Also, they made some tests and give us the results. Finally, they made a conclusion and a list of the goodness.

The experience of using the notebook MSI GS60 2QE-202ES has convinced us. It is a product that does not hesitate to recommend. First, design and build quality is simply spectacular. Slim, lightweight, stylish ... oozes class on all four sides. MSI has created a beautiful notebook you look where you look. The performance offered by us is very high. The optimization performed by engineers from MSI has resulted in a product equipped with a large micro, such as INTEL i7-4710HQ, and excellent graphics, nVidia GTX970M, lets you take all the juice to your games.

To highlight the excellent display. The IPS panel manufactured by Panasonic puts the willies for its vividness and realism. Capable of resolutions 3K, the amount of detail that is capable of representing is overwhelming. Do not forget your ultra- fast 256GB storage units in M.2 confifuradas in RAID 0. MSI complete it with anything less than 1Tb of data. The experience during use has been really good. It is an agile and comfortable laptop use. Whether for work or play, operate the MSI GS60 2QE-202ES is wonderful. MSI's extensive experience in all patent is currently a highly optimized software that makes things much easier while providing a high degree of customization.

  • Great graphics power of the hand of the excellent nVidia GTX970M
  • Good audio system equipped with Dynaudio speakers
  • Excellent build quality and elegant design
  • Thin and light
  • High quality / price ratio
  • 3k excellent screen with IPS panel
  • Ultra fast storage system 2 M.2 configured in RAID 0. Not forgetting to backup